Strategic Marketing Solutions

We help you measure your marketing potential and get to your core market differentiators.

Many successful companies maintain their market-dominance through a commitment to annual planning.  This may include developing strategic marketing plans, implementation of productivity-enhancement tools, as well as process improvement.  We work with your leadership team to crystallize market differentiators and establish measurable sales and marketing plans.  We collect, analyze and present tangible business metrics that provide our clients with the foundation to make informed decisions.

Competitive Assessments

Are you entering a market segment that is already saturated with competitors? Do you even know your competitive landscape? We help our customers gain a deeper understanding to make better investment decisions.

Marketing Operations

Is your marketing team fully supported to improve your ROMI? We help marketing teams identify areas to improve and make recommendations that streamline workflows and improve sales and marketing collaboration. 

Product-Oriented Analysis and Reporting
Competitor/Technology Assessment (4P's)
Technology trends reporting
SWOT (product-specific)
Gap/Portfolio Analysis
Channel Assessment
Go-to-Market workflow optimization
Services-Oriented Analysis and Reporting
Competitor Assessment (Segment-focused)
Competitor Assessment (Geographic-focused)
Technology Trends Reporting
SWOT Analysis (Service-specific)
Gap Analysis
Key accounts identification
Customer/employee interviews and surveys
Process Improvement and Technologies
Business specific CRM process development
Customer Relationship Management Audit (CRM)
Implement email marketing automation tools
Proposal tools audit and development
Marketing Budget process and frameworks
Product-to-market workflow optimization
Monthly/quarterly Sales & Operational Planning
Facilitate Annual Business Planning Meetings
Strategic acquisitions marketing integration
IP capture and portfolio integration
Corporate intranet development
Corporate communications

Market Assessments

Are you fully aware of the external influences that may directly impact your success in new or existing markets? We work with your sales and marketing teams to identify economic, technology, industry, political and social-economic trends that will directly impact your business.

Marketing & Sales Audits

Does your Marketing & Sales team have all the tools they need to be successful?  Do you have an annual, quarterly or monthly review process that aligns market spend to sales revenue targets?  We work with your teams to determine process gaps and make recommendations to improve. 

We help you see your full marketing potential
Estimate market size
Identify potential risks to market entry
Identify competitors
Identify target and key accounts
Customer/employee interviews
Take a closer look. There may be room to improve.
Marketing Budget Audit (current vs. historic spend)
Promotional Events Audit
Collateral Audit and Reporting
Sales Process Audit and Reporting
Supplier and Partnership Audits

Marketing Statistics That Matter.

Marketing techniques are evolving globally.  Don't get left behind.

% mobile users that will not recommend a businesses that has a poor mobile website


% marketers and advertisers are putting mobile ads in their annual marketing budgets


% U.S. marketers plan to use social video ads in the coming 12 months


% marketers use automation software to generate more leads


% top-performing companies have been using marketing automation 3+ years


% marketers make videos with assets they already have


% Google is responsible for global organic web traffic


% increase in organic traffic when a video is included in a post


% if people say they use Facebook for professional purposes


% of buyers view at least 3 to 5 pieces of content before deciding to speak to sales


% of B2B marketers say blogging is their most important type of content


% of consumers that close a webpage because of pop-up ads


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